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Jesus’ Birth?

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Experience the True Story of Jesus' Birth

What we see on the traditional Christmas cards and at Christmas pageants came from people’s imaginations. It is really closer to a fairy tale than the actual story.

Now you can know and experience what really happened.

I know you have wondered what really happened. What was it really like, who were the people, when and where did it happen?

Hi, I’m Dr. Patrick Pierce, a research doctor and I had to find out what the real story was so I started on a major research project. I found out that we have hundreds of historic and ancient documents that tell a lot about this time. What really happened is a lot more fascinating than our traditional Christmas story.

Time Cruise:  I will take you back in time for the year before Jesus' birth to a little more than a year after Jesus' birth.  We will travel back together and experience the actual birth of Jesus as described in the ancient historical documents.

You will get to know Jesus in an intimate and real way. You will see him as a baby and know what it was like to raise a boy who is the Son of God.

You will meet Mary and Joseph along with their families. Both Mary and Joseph are remarkable people you will really get to know and understand them like never before.

Every day you will live with those people of the first century. You will experience the work that Joseph and his family did as the master builders in the Nazareth area. In the evening, you will join the family in the dinnertime with the families, tired from the day’s work and refreshed with the food, drink, and family.

You will feel the joy and the panic as everything is turned upside down when Mary becomes pregnant before she was married to Joseph. This was a mortal sin and was punishable by death. All the relationships are torn apart. What had been a pastoral scene of family happiness becomes a scene of division and anger. In the center of all of this are Joseph and Mary. These are hard and difficult times for this couple.

You will follow Mary and Joseph until they and the child Jesus are driven from Bethlehem by Herod. They just barely escape the death squad that is going from house to house tearing baby boys out of their mother’s arms. Herod gave orders to kill all baby boys under two years old in Bethlehem and the surrounding area. This is one of the most graphic, horrible events you will ever experience.

During this entire time, you will live with Mary and Joseph for about two years, one year before the birth of Christ to a little over a year after Jesus’ birth. You will be experiencing it all firsthand, right in front of you and you are involved in the action and conversations. You will take a “Time-Cruise” back in time to the first century, meet the entire family, and live with them for over two years.

You are there to experience the thrills and feel the chills as Mary and Joseph make their way through this exciting and difficult time. This is historically accurate taken right from the ancient documents.

Begin you Time Travel back to meet Mary, Joseph, and Jesus Now!

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