You’ll be Amazed!!

  • There have been recent discoveries about what happened 2000 years ago that you will want to know
  • We have discovered more about Mary and Joseph that is wonderful
  • Jesus is the center of Christmas, and the Wise Men have a surprise for you
  • You will Experience the Very First Christmas with Jesus and His family
  • See the 15 New Facts about Jesus’ Birth

After You Read and Experience the Very First Christmas:

  • You will Know what really happened before, during and after Jesus’ birth
  • You will Have a clear understanding about Jesus’ family
  • You will Know and understand who Mary & Joseph are 
  • You can speak with confidence about Jesus birth

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Check Out What Other People Are Saying
About This Breakthrough Book about Jesus’ Birth

“I never really understood what happened at Jesus Birth.  I knew the traditional story probably wasn’t right.  It always seemed more like a fairy tale.  Now it is real and wonderful to know.  Jesus, Mary and Joseph are real people I feel I know and understand.”

Carol – Baptist Church

“I’m a teenager and I really wanted to know what went on at Jesus’ birth.  I knew what I was seeing was wrong but now I know.  It was an easy read and once I started I couldn’t stop.  I took the Time Travel back and lived with the family for over 2 years.  Fun and exciting experience.”